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Updated 9/8/2020

On August 31, 2020, USDA issued a nationwide waiver allowing Summer Food Service Program and Seamless Summer Operations to continue to operate through December 31, 2020, providing the choice for Texas contracting entities to operate the National School Lunch Program or one of the summer feeding programs through the end of 2020.

Based on current USDA guidance, which is subject to change, TDA has developed guidelines for each option available to the school districts and community organizations. Please refer to the applicable Resources page below and continue to check the COVID-19 FAQ for School Year 2020-2021 frequently, as updates are ongoing.

Note that USDA reserves the right to withdraw this approval subject to the availability of funding.

Updated 8/12/2020

TDA has released a new intake form for CEs opting into the COVID-19 flexibilities that were extended from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. NSLP/SBP and CACFP CEs must complete this form to notify TDA of the waivers your schools/sites are planning to operate under in the new Program Year. Refer to COVID-19 Waiver Intake Forms below for more information as well as the latest NSLP and CACFP FAQs.

Updated 8/5/2020

USDA has issued Nationwide Waiver #39 granting CACFP sponsors the ability to conduct offsite monitoring of their sites effective immediately through September 30, 2021. Additionally, USDA has issued Nationwide Waivers #40 - #43 extending previously issued waivers of onsite monitoring requirements for state agencies and contracting entities. Refer to the Nationwide Waivers section below for more information. New FAQ documents will be posted shortly to incorporate all newly issued guidance.

Updated 7/20/2020

CACFP: USDA has affirmed that the enrichment and education requirements for At-Risk have NOT been waived. This current guidance is impacting the ability for CACFP At-Risk programs to plan for non- congregate feeding models. Although the recent COVID-19 flexibility extensions, including non-congregate feeding and mealtime restriction waivers, are approved for use by the CACFP At-Risk Afterschool Care Program once school resumes for School Year 2020-21, until USDA provides guidance on the education and enrichment requirement, TDA may not approve CACFP At-Risk operational requests for grab-n-go or home delivery of meals. TDA is submitting a state waiver for alternate ways to meet the enrichment component of At-Risk under the non-congregate and meal service time waivers.

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