I Want to Help Others

The economic ramifications of COVID19 will be felt for months, and maybe even years, to come. To assist Texans who may need help for an extended period of time, we recommend you donate to charities in your community or reach out to local organizations to see if they could use volunteers during this time.

Other recommendations include:

  • For those who are healthy and able, volunteer at your local food pantry or food bank. They need volunteers.

  • Be an intentional neighbor.

  • Offer to purchase groceries for those who may not be able to shop themselves.

  • Offer to babysit for those who may have lost childcare during this time.

  • Buy gift certificates to local businesses now that you can use after this emergency situation has ended.

Connect with the Hunger Free Communities Network!

Across the state of Texas, our Hunger Free Community Coalitions are working to address hunger. Connect with these coalitions below to make a direct impact in your community.

What is a Hunger Free Community Coalition?

A Hunger Free Community Coalition is a group of organizations and individuals taking action together to end hunger in their community.

Hunger Free Community Coalitions strategically assess the structure and procedures of local food delivery systems, identify resources and gaps, make decisions for change, and implement action plans to ensure that more people have access to healthy and nutritious food. These Coalitions galvanize the community behind the cause, empower community leaders, build long-term bonds of collaboration, maximize effective use of resources and ensure mutual accountability for results.

FInd out more on our Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty Website

Connect with the Hunger Free Communities Network